Rosneft Sochi 2014 Olympic Commercial in Silverton, Colorado.

Yes, its true.  I can now add something to my resume that I never would have expected.  I’ve been in a commercial for the Olympic Games.  Granted, my sport of big mountain skiing is not an Olympic sport…but I certainly didn’t mind!  My boyfriend Kyle Sul and I joined our friends Suzanne Graham and Jesse Hall for our first skiing adventure to Silverton Mountain, Colorado.  Suz and Jesse were brought in as the primary stunt doubles for the commercial, as they wanted to have a Ski BASE to top off the excitement.  Kyle and I were invited pretty last minute as back up stunt doubles, and of course it was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up!  We drove from our home base of Salt Lake City Utah down through the beautiful San Juan Mountains, picked up a hitch hiker in Ouray, and made it to the small town of Silverton, Colorado.

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Right off the bat we had all of the logos on our gear covered in black gaffers tape and were given outfits that made us almost identical to Jesse and Suz.  Then we settled in for a night of sleep in our very pink and supposedly haunted Grand Imperial Hotel.  It was super exciting to meet the crew from Warren Miller Entertainment and Adore Creative and get the run down for the week.  It was all about the race and the chase!  Kind of an “anything you can do I can do better” theme!

The 3 days to follow were a whirlwind of filming chase scenes with big cameras mounted to our chests or Cineflex helicopters overhead, jumping off cliffs, battling the weather and avalanche danger, drinking rum at the Montanya Rum Distillery, smiling, laughing, getting the shots, and TRYING to get enough sleep!  Our guides were fun and amazing, but also all about keeping us safe…which of course included making sure we made it safely to the rum bar each night:)  Kyle, Jesse, and Suz are all BASE jumpers so I’ve been on quite a few BASE adventures with them.  However, Jesse jumping out of a heli with his skis on was a new one!  His Ski BASE went great but we didn’t get to watch it in person.  On our last day of filming we had to make a big sweeping turn, then ski at one another and try to grab hands and spin in a circle…without ripping each other’s arm off if possible!  When you watch the final product you’ll see why we had to do this strange shot, because we magically turn into figure skaters!  We even got heli rides to film these hand holding segments!  Check out the ad AND the behind the scenes excitement!

Watch for the Blizzard tornado logo on the ski bases to know if its me or Kyle!

Exciting, right!  All in all it was great times for 4 good friends who love skiing.  We celebrated Kyle’s 26th birthday on our last night in Silverton.  Then we enjoyed the beautiful vapor caves and hot springs in Ouray, lunch in Telluride, and got a hotel in Moab.  Watching the three amigos BASE jump Tombstone in Moab the next morning just finished our trip off perfectly!  Thank you to everyone who made this adventure possible!  The season isn’t over yet…


2 responses to “Rosneft Sochi 2014 Olympic Commercial in Silverton, Colorado.

  1. Hannah! So cool! Its been so fun “watching” your skiing career take off! Brian and I look for you every time we get a patagonia catalogue or a ski magazine! 🙂

  2. Hannah,

    This commercial and your description of that experience sounds awesome. I am so happy and honored to know you. So happy you and Kyle took advantage of such an amazing opportunity!


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