Connected: A Social Media Nightmare?

In some ways I feel like a slacker having not blogged at all in over a year. But then I think, well DUH, you were too busy! If I’d wanted to or been able to make it a priority, I would have. And I really enjoy a lot of the stories that my friends post regularly. Maybe I haven’t had things I felt were worth sharing…but mostly I think I was just going through some life transitions and was focused elsewhere. Granted I spend plenty of time posting on Facebook for myself and SheJumps. I manage to fit in so many fun activities that once I do have a chance, I want to share them with people! And of course it benefits me as an athlete, and SheJumps, as a marketing tool. Really there’s reason for it all…all this social media. Connecting to one another here, there and everywhere. It can be used and abused, appreciated and loathed.

I’ve decided to say, to each their own! As long as we all know to take resposibility for what we decide to share with the world. In my opinion, things get a little too personal online sometimes. But then again I’m sure I’ve posted things that others might feel that way about. Nonetheless, I’m not ready to bail on blogging OR Facebook quite yet! Although I do sometimes envy those of you who have avoided Facbook…


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