Who I Am

I am one of those east coast skiers who moved west to trade ice for powder.  I loved growing up in small town Maine, enjoying the ocean and the mountains, but I had to create my own adventure elsewhere, and what better time than college?  I moved to Colorado and studied ecology and environmental science at Western State College of Colorado in Gunnison.  I spent most of my free times skiing or with the WSC Mountain Rescue Team…or anything outdoors.  It was there, skiing Crested Butte, that I discovered “extreme skiing” and realized how I had been a bit sheltered about the world of skiing…but I owe a lot to my roots at an east coast skier!  By my senior year in 2006 I decided to enter the Crested Butte Extreme Freeskiing Championships, and sure I crashed hard off a cliff called body bag; but it spawned an addiction I would pursue for years.  I live the life of an aspiring pro skier, loving the days, working the nights.  I couldn’t have hoped for more fun…as long as the snow keeps falling!  That is until I realized I was ready for something new.  Life is great…isn’t’ it?!?


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